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Why GloveU

Easier, safer and more hygienic

Over 100 billion disposable gloves are currently used annually. The use of these gloves is dramatically increasing due to the growing demand for hygiene and cleanliness. 

Pile of plastic gloves

A perfect fit for your business

Saves time

The GloveU DT100 
will automatically apply the disposable gloves quickly and conveniently. The process takes less than 3 seconds per hand and places the glove firmly and securely on the hand. 

Eliminates waste

The system will allow you to use every single glove in the glove package compared with more traditional glove solutions where you might face as much as 30% waste.

Improves hygiene

The design of the machine together with the glove package solution reduces the cross-contamination with almost 100%.


How it works

A system made with precision in mind

A fully automatic glove dispenser that supplies you with safety gloves in a totally hygienic way without any unwanted contamination. It saves you time through its efficient way for you to apply the gloves.

Suitable for different industries

Increased demand for disposable gloves

Due to the increased demands on hygiene and cleanliness we see a dramatic increase in the use of disposable gloves in health care, the food industry, grocery trade and returants as well as in the manufacturing industry.

Glove machine

”The demand for disposable gloves from healthcare and food industry are expected to propel the further market growth due to C19 pandemic.”

Man making healthy food with gloves on
Hand with glove holding medical equipment
Man working with gloves on machine

A system made with precision in mind

GloveU DT100 improves the glove application and saves time

Due to the fact that the actual process of putting on gloves takes place automatically, in addition to a significant reduction for contamination and spread of infection combined with increased well-being, an improved working environment, gives happier employees. In the cases the user must change gloves the time saved helps increase productivity leading to increased earnings per employee, i.e., you get more time to sell and take care of the customer alternatively get more time to listen to the patient in need of care. To simplify the users work even further a backend solution has been developed that keeps track of the glove usage and will inform the user/owner when it is time to order new gloves.

Glove machine
Glove machine assembly
Man typing on a computer keyboard with plastic gloves
Person with plastic gloves fronting salami

Glove Donning - Everywhere

The DT100 is designed to fit many different applications and domains. Disposable gloves is used everywhere!

Frequently asked questions

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Is the DT100 available now?

Place your pre-order through our contact form already today! Our current plan is to deliver the DT100 to you in mid/end Q1 2024

How long does it take for the dispenser to make a glove ready?

It takes 10 seconds to dispense a glove

What Size is it?

The size is 300 x 557 x 403 mm (WxHxD), half a kitchen module, to be able to fit two dispensers side-by side

What is the weight of the dispenser?

The weight is 24 Kg to allow for a secure dispensing and donning of the gloves

What Gloves and Glove sizes are supported?

The gloves supported are SafeDon SDN-200-0x

In Size XS, S, M, L, XL

If I need to use different sizes of gloves for my personnel – what do I do

When you want to don a glove of a different size you just replace the current glove package with the one with your size and let the machine dispense a glove for you

About GloveU Hygiene Platforms

GloveU Hygiene Platforms AB is a licensing and innovation company based in Västerås. Scanfil is the technology company that develops and produces GloveU Hygiene Platform's products according to the patented technology and design protection that the company owns.


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